Home Inspection Q&A


Question: How long does a typical inspection take to complete?

Answer: The typical home inspection takes about 2 hours depending on the square footage(size) of the structure as well as the age, condition, whether it is pier and beam, if inspecting a swimming pool, sprinkler, out buildings, or septic system. Older homes often contain systems that require considerable effort and time to inspect properly.

Question: How much does a home inspection cost?

Answer: The fee for a quality property inspection depends on the size(sq. ft) and age, as well as factors such as pier and beam.  We also offer optional add-on inspections fora swimming pool, sprinkler, out buildings, septic system, and  a well.  The average inspection fee is $300.00-$400.00

Question: When do I get my report?

Answer: Typically, we get your report to you within 24 hours. However, should there be any immediate concerns, you will be notified at the time of inspection or as soon as you can be contacted.

Question: How do I receive my report?

Answer: We will email your report to you in order for you to get this valuable information as soon as possible. We happily mail your report to your home or designated address upon request.

Question: Who gets a copy of my report?

Answer: You are the only one receiving your report unless you request that we send/mail a copy to someone else. Typically, our clients request that their realtor or representative receive a copy. We are glad to provide that service upon your request. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Question: How do we determine if the home inspected passes or fails the inspection?

Answer:  As professional home inspectors, we do not pass or fail the property due to our inspection.  Instead, we provide you valuable information to help you determine whether your purchase meets expectations with regard to the condition of the overall structure, associated systems, safety of the property regarding safety hazards, electrical systems, grading issues, and with possible issues involving the longevity of appliances and roofing. In an effort to create easily understood reports, we deliver the information in four distinctly different ways: 1) Check box method. 2.) Narrative method. 3.) Pictures with descriptions. 4.) The summary of all deficiencies according to severity. You will see that our reports provide an enormous amount of information to help make good decisions about the purchase of your new home or office.  We follow the standards established by the Texas Real Estate Commission and Arkansas  Home Inspectors Board ( ASHI).

Question: Can I wait to pay for my Inspection at the time of closing on the property?

Answer: Yes, we understand there are many unforeseen moving expenses, so your invoice can be paid at closings.  However, due to some long waiting times an additional charge of $50.00 will be assessed. All fees paid at closing must be approved prior to inspection.  While we do send a copy of the invoice to the title company upon your request, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to ensure the invoice is paid.

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